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Elegance and pleasure the French way

Le Parisien draws his inspiration from French Art de vivre, and Paris and wine are its finest ambassadors. Romantic, charming and “bon vivant”, Le Parisien has created a range of wines that reflect this character well. Stylish and elegant, this masterclass in seduction is a tribute to our winemakers’ expertise. We are drawn into this unique universe where the emphasis is on sharing and conviviality. The wines have been chosen with the utmost care, resulting in fruity, easy drinking wines perfect for sharing with someone special or with friends.

100% authentic, 100% enjoyment, 100% elegance, Le Parisien is modestly proud of his winemaking prowess.

A selection “Made in France”

Le Parisien showcases unique expertise in the art of blending quality wines, a skill deeply rooted in French culture for many generations. It all begins with selecting the finest batches from the French vineyard. What follows is a matter of balance, where our winemakers fine-tune the blends to achieve the perfect harmony that allows the fruit to truly shine.

An exemplar of well-rounded, balanced style

Le Parisien Merlot is an easy drinking wine with irresistible, enticing elegance and fruit-focused style. Here it can be seen in its full glory displaying its garnet-red hue. Its delicate flavours are reminiscent of red fruits, accompanied by rounded, silky tannins, and lovely lingering aromas on the finish.

Food and wine pairings